Who we are


Universal Plastering 2 LLC.

After proudly working many years in the construction area, specifically in stucco. We've had the opportunity to carry out our biggest dream to own our own business, with the intention of providing the highest possible quality in each one of our stucco projects we build.  Universal Plastering LLC was founded by experiencing the satisfaction of each one of our clients at the end of each project and the uniqueness and quality of work that goes into each project .

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What if I want to change the color of my stucco? Maybe even multiple times.

We can change your stucco color. This is not covered under warranty or guarantee


Can you fix cracks?

Yes we can. Most hairline cracks are not serious. If the structure has been recently or previously painted, the cracks are usually in the material that was used during painting and not in the actual stucco. Majority of times this is the case.

Can you match existing colors? If so what about matching colors on an addition?

We can match colors on both an existing structure as well as a new one. With matching on a new structure it becomes tricky in the way that the original structure has aged stucco. Which can have dirt and distort the color a bit. It doesn't pose a problem most of the time. Very seldom does it.


Do you use both EIFS and Cement stucco?

Yes we do.

How do you base your estimates on existing homes?

We base our estimate price on field measurements, or on a set of plans. We must set up an inital meeting so I can do so. There we go into furthure details.

How do you base your estimates on new homes?

We base it on the plans (blue prints) provided by either the home owner or the sub contractor.


Our goal

To compete in complex, high quality, stucco work. Our entire team understands this and feel fortunate to be working with what we love to do.

Be Unique

The unique tastes and visions of our customers are implemented to create a beautiful stucco masterpiece.


Partnered with our quality materials suppliers, we have up to a 15 year Warranties on our work available.